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Thanks Kevin Mecchella for a great discussion on Episode 24 of the Breakthrough Music Podcast, listen to a short clip here:

Click the link for the full episode:

My second Brass Junkies appearance was just as fun as the first, and this time we discussed gender and brass playing, and the International Women’s Brass Conference, many thanks to Lance and Andy for this great discussion!

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Thanks to Andy Hitz for this great chat about self control and goal setting in the music business field. To subscribe to this podcast please visit


This was such a fun conversation with Lance and Andy, we covered many aspects my career, including some frank conversation about gender in brass playing, and I told the story of a piece of advice from a WW2 Bomber pilot that changed my life. To subscribe to this podcast please visit


Below is the Youtube version of Aaron Campbell’s Young Musician’s Guide Podcast, or you may subscribe here

Below is a video highlighting the International Women’s Brass Conference held in June 2017 at Rowan University, for more visit