Since my weekly studio class has gone virtual, everyone is welcome to attend! I hope you’ll join me on my YouTube Channel where I am adding new videos routinely, of both performances and also tutorials such as the ones below, found on my Studio Class Playlist. So grab your horn and join me in my studio, from wherever you are! 

Brass Playing Basics

Breaking down the fundamentals of tone, rhythm, clarity, and focus into smaller areas of focus, providing a foundation of thought behind the way we approach our instruments.

Joanna with Mouthpiece


Daily buzzing practice gives you relaxed, strong air movement, increases your flexibility, tone, register, and trains your embouchure and ear.

Additional Tips

Make the most of your practice session by setting goals, logging your practice sessions, and other daily routines.

Get Started with These Free Exercises

Here are a few fundamental exercises to get you started. Click to download versions for tuba, euphonium, and Treble Clef Euphonium Exercises.

Thank you for joining me, and best of luck on your journey.
As I am fond of reminding myself…

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”