Daily buzzing practice gives you relaxed, strong air movement, increases your flexibility, tone, register, and trains your embouchure and ear. Beginning your day with gentle buzzing will keep you strong and in shape, and forms the foundation of our brass practice routine.

After watching, you’ll be ready to buzz along with me in the Buzzing Practice Videos I and II, found below. Happy buzzing!

Buzzing Basics

Let’s talk about the basics of buzzing on the mouthpiece. Why do we do it? Gentle buzzing is a great way to wake up the lips and air before our practice, and in addition, allows us to check our progress with air and embouchure development. A daily warm-up and fundamental routine is key to my performance life, and I begin with brief mouthpiece buzzing at the piano. The piano helps train our ear as well, so it’s two for one.

Buzzing Practice I

Buzzing Practice II