A collection of podcasts and interviews where I talk about gender, brass playing, the music business field and more.


All the Hats We Wear with Scott Snow

I very much enjoyed this podcast with music therapist and podcaster Scott Snow, on his All the Hats We Wear Podcast  We talked about my life and career, and balancing the different hats, how I view the importance of my daily warm-up routine, and much more! Thank you Scott for inspiring us to healthily balance all of these sides of our lives with a strong sense of purpose.

Music in 2 Flavors with Jaime Riera

Thank you to host extraordinare Jaime Riera for his wonderful conversation on the Music in 2Flavors/Música en 2Sabores Podcast, we spoke on so many topics he created two episodes! Listen as we discussed my career and research interests, and follow this podcast for a lovely series of interviews with a wide variety of guests in the music business, thank you Jaime!

Listen to it here:

Rising Stars Podcast with Carol Jantsch, November 11, 2021

Rising Stars Podcast

Pregnancy and Brass Playing Panel Discussion

Thanks to my amazing panel colleagues and of course, host and fellow tubist, Carol Jantsch for this lovely and honest look at pregnancy and brass playing. Carol’s podcast is a must listen, this episode featured “a panel of four brass musicians-all of whom are brilliant, incredibly talented, and most importantly, amazing mothers. They will discuss how they have been able to navigate the beauty and challenges of being a brass player while pregnant.  We welcome U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Adrienne Doctor, Alana Vegter Gartrell, Vanessa Fralick, and Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey, to the Rising Stars Podcast for the debut of our two-part series, Brass Moms.”

Listen to it here

Bold as Brass Podcast, with Melissa Brown, November 7, 2021

Bold as Brass Podcast

A beautiful chat with trombonist and all-around amazing lady Melissa Brown on this podcast, which I enjoyed so much. “A nosy trombonist (Melissa Brown) chats to fellow brass professionals about their careers, how they got there, and what music they’d happily put in the bin. In this episode tuba and euphonium player Joanna Ross Hersey tells us about how she accidentally started in the world of low brass, about her time in the US Coast Guard Band, and about all of the wonderful organisations she’s involved with.”

Early American Brass Band Podcast

What do women in the military, the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, Michelle Obama, and violinists in 19th century Boston have in common? They all are part of the story we discussed in this wonderful episode! Thanks to Chris and Stephen for a wonderful chat. The EABB Podcast focuses on providing information about past and current Early American (19th-century) brass bands through interviews, lectures, and musical recordings.

Tuba and Euphonium Charity Series

I was happy to contribute the very first in a series of audition advice blogs for the Tuba and Euphonium Charity Series, who are “dedicated to providing accessible educational events and resources while raising money for various charities.” Their website shares upcoming events as well as blog posts about various aspects of our lives as musicians. Check out the material available to you, and thanks to Matt, Juan and Nick for inviting me to chat about auditions!

Read more about it here.

“Joanna rocks! She is one of my favorite tuba players, can teach her tail off and is just one of the most energetic, positive people you’ll ever meet. She is just an A+ human. I could interview her every week and never get bored.”

– Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke, The Brass Junkies 

David Brubek, The Fourth Valve

Joanna Ross Hersey Tuba

Thanks to David Brubeck for his set of inspired questions on this segment of The Fourth Valve!

The Fourth Valve is an up-close, shoot-from-the-hip interview series dedicated to musicians who play the tuba or euphonium. We at are delighted to share the musical, professional and personal insights of some of the world’s great musicians and masters of low brass. Enjoy!

HERstory, “Continuing a Legacy”

HERstory Logo

A wonderful chat with fellow brass player Casidy Reed, where we dive into all things gender and brass and get honest about how it can effect us. My thanks to Casidy for this wonderful addition to the world of podcasts!

Breakthrough Music Podcast

Thanks Kevin Mecchella for a great discussion on Episode 24 of the Breakthrough Music Podcast!  Listen to the full episode here.

Breakthrough Music is dedicated to helping musicians battle stage fright and hone their skills in the practice room. We also teach proactive skills like mind and body techniques, goal setting, and mindset strategies.

30 Brave Minutes

Thanks to my UNC Pembroke colleagues for a terrific discussion of the benefits of travel for 30 Brave Minutes Podcast. Of course I related the story of my tuba being AWOL for six days in Europe, and we discussed our experiences as we travelled abroad for business and relaxation. Take a listen!

Hosted by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at UNC Pembroke, in each 30 Brave Minutes episode a panel of distinguished guests discusses a thought provoking topic.

Brass Junkies

This was such a fun conversation with Lance and Andy, we covered many aspects my career, including some frank conversation about gender in brass playing, and I told the story of a piece of advice from a WW2 Bomber pilot that changed my life.  Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Brass Junkies

My second Brass Junkies appearance was just as fun as the first, and this time we discussed gender and brass playing, and the International Women’s Brass Conference, many thanks to Lance and Andy for this great discussion!

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The Brass Junkies is a podcast by Andrew Hitz and Lane Laduke featuring interviews with the world’s greatest brass players.

Young Musician’s Guide Podcast

Below is the Youtube version of Aaron Campbell’s Young Musician’s Guide Podcast, or subscribe here on iTunes.

Young Musician’s Guide is a musical podcast with interviews with musicians in all career fields who give tips and advice on how they became the successful musician they are today.

The Entrepreneurial Musician

Thanks to Andy Hitz for this great chat about self control and goal setting in the music business field. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

The Entrepreneurial Musician, hosted by former Boston Brass member Andrew Hitz, features interviews with the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the music business today.


A video highlighting the International Women’s Brass Conference held in June 2017 at Rowan University.

IWBC’s mission is to educate, develop, support, and promote women brass musicians while inspiring continued excellence and opportunities in the broader musical world.