I am so pleased to share BRAVERY 6, which is the UNC Pembroke College of Arts and Sciences annual digital journal, highlighting the scholarship of faculty across the college. This year we present our sixth volume, dedicated to the theme of multiculturalism, found at the link below. I was honored to have served as Design Editor for the project, and in addition to producing the short video introductions you will see before each article, I composed the music for them as well.

I hope you enjoy this 2022 edition, please share it, and let me know what you would like to see highlighted in future issues. In this issue you will read about the complexities of race and class in volunteering, gender bias in hiring, environmental activism of women in South America, a unique view of an American woman working in early twentieth-century China, and the story of El Salvadorian women and children in wartime, contributed in Spanish with translation provided.