Asteria (2019) – Seraph Brass

Seraph Brass presents new album featuring original arrangements by Jeff Luke, formerly of the Atlantic Brass Quintet, Anthony DiLorenzo’s virtuosic “Go!”, and new works by American women composers Rene Orth and Catherine McMichael.  An international touring chamber group, Seraph Brass features the nation’s top brass performers and is dedicated to commissioning new music and inspiring young women to play brass instruments.

“The high calibre of the playing is often staggering (see the high-energy roller-coaster of a ride that is Dilorenzo’s three-and-a-half-minute Go), and the recording also benefits from democratic representation. The trumpeters naturally form a front- line, but Asteria is a recording where trombone, horn, and tuba are as prominently featured…One comes away from the release marveling at the performances and the rich, soaring sound generated by the five musicians.”

– Textura Magazine