Here you’ll find sheet music, stickers, and recordings. My compositions are below, together with arrangements which will help your programming showcase the work of all.
Here are composers who have contributed richly to our musical world, who provide us with a broader understanding of the development of music across the centuries, which will enhance and invigorate our performances today. This diverse group represents creative energy and spirit from the Medieval Era forward, arranged in combinations from duo to quintet, for players of many levels.
Don’t forget the stickers, designed by the wonderful Qiudi Zhang, which bring these faces to life, and celebrate the diverse nature of our musical world. Can’t wait to collect them all? You’ll find them available for purchase as a set, and each composer’s sticker ships free with your paper score order of their music.  Perfect for lockers, music folders and instrument cases!
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Joanna Hersey and ElevenTwelve

Joanna and her graphic score, ElevenTwelve, for Solo Tuba and Electronic Track, composed in 2019, with graphics by Qiudi Zhang, https://the180studio.com/